Cambodia Tomboy Party

Tonight I joined Cambodia Tomboy Party for their 1 year anniversary of creating their Facebook page.

Beautiful MC

To me, this is my leisure. My weekend activities. It's not about party, but it's about work. I and my short film crew (SFG) are going to shoot a short film about LGBT's rights in Cambodia. The purpose of these activities are to observe and learn about them. Of course, we are going to interview them as well. We want to make a film that really mean something for them. Of course, to do this I need to apply HCD to my work. We can't be success without knowing who/what they are or their needs. We decide to do a research and interview LGBT during our pre-production.

Here are some pictures I took this evening. It was such a fun party. One thing I recognize was that they made me felt like they are not women at all. Less femininity, transformation, fashion and style, make me forget about the origin of sex even though now they are still women.

Friendly Cafe

These party ends well with not many participants, but YES, it was fun. one sixth of the ticket fee will be given to Kontheak Bopha Hospital. They did it for something useful for our society. I would really like to learn more about them. Anyway, I still have more work to do with GBT. More desk research, design principles and guidelines need to be made. Hence, I'm learning about HCD with real life experience. I'm going to meet key people and experts about this as well.

To read about HCD spend less time and effort. To make what I read happen, really require a lot of works. So I'm doing what I love and what I need simultaneously. :D