Sokha Hotel and Oskar Bistro (*^%^$B

Well! As promised, here are my food and drink adventure last night with my teamwork at Tonlesab Bar (20th floor of Sokha Hotel) and Oskar Bistro. 

It was a great time for me. I'm still in love with being a cameraman, of course. Anyway, I love the view from Mekong View Hotel which is on the same side of the river as Sokha Hotel. Mekong View makes me feel like I was staring at things from an aeroplane. With teamworks, the drinks was fine. As expected, we knew the rain would come, so we moved immediately to Oskar Bistro as planned. For Oskar Bistro, the food was good. Including drinks and food for 12 of us, we spent about $200. The food was gorgeously tasty. 

To be parents...soon ^_^ Nadia is my great boss.
For me, I had Lamb Meatball Venette. If you were there, I suggest you try lychee vodka mojito. I really loved it. Last but not least, here is the pictures from our party last night. See you all next post! ^_^
Best couple from India. My Indian friend at work, Bong Vishal.

Nothing to say here!

I wanted to try this as well, but my dish was enough for me.
 ...gonna try it next time.
...and here is my side of the table:

lychee vodka mojito

Lamb Meatball Venette