Can Human-Centered Design 'Fix' Humanitarian Aid?

This is a very interesting article or interview. Anway, It's what inCompass, my workplace, is doing now. My colleague wrote in her post on Google+ that "Nice to read how other people explain and talk about what we do :) ". To me, I feel the same. I've been partly involve with Human Center Design research methodology for 6 months now. It's been a great experience to design something with and for our end-users, Cambodians. inCompass is the first Innovation Lab that use HCD methodology in Cambodia.  

Read this to find out more about what inCompass as well as HCD researchers are doing. Find out how effective and efficient HCD in the design industry is. 
Link to the interview:


It's been a while I haven't written anything on this blog. So now it's time to write it again.

At my workplace it seems so quiet because everyone is having holidays and we are going to have one week off for "Ancestors' Day" or "PchumBen". One of my colleague, Vishal, will go to Thailand. Miriam will go to Vietnam. Some are staying in Phnom Penh with great plan. However, le me haven't decided yet.

I don't think it is a good time to go out when I have injuries with my hand during my fieldwork last last week. It's a small cut with blood flowing as hell and a big disaster. My worst experience working at the field. I got two stitches on my wrist. My colleague, Vishal, paid $10 for that. My director paid $150 for that broken glass slide door. Damn slippery! Bad bathroom experience. :( Actually, this should be written in a separate post. But, yeah! Who cares?

Since 13-10-15, Just remove one last stitch last night.

I'm thinking of doing some polishes with my novel writing or hanging out with my gf. Or maybe spending some solid and useful time learning about HCD. That's how I'm going to spend my holidays. How about yours? Wish everyone a safe and happy trip during PchumBen Days. :D

New Boss

Not much updates from me today. Anyway, more than baby Jesus is born, my boss's boy, Samai, is born. :) Look at him he's a quiet and lovely. Well, everyone also ask me when I want to get married. ^_^ A common question for people my age, but... but I haven't thought about that yet. haha. 
inCompassers visit Nadia and Fernando to congratulate them for Samai is now sleeping safe and sound in his little bed. His mom seems very healthy. Through my experience, seeing my mom and other moms, Nadia is very lucky this strong and healthy after giving birth a few days later. Fernando, a sweet man, really give a good example to other fathers. I'm sure he does a lot of things. Well, we talked about contraction, breast feeding, maternity process, seeing some pictures (including cutting the umbilical cord ones), some updates from work. Yeah all the good things happen. Not long before we leave, came a nice couple to visit Samai as well. I also heard that not long after we leave there would be another visit. Visitors keep the new parents busy. If it were my turn, I would give everyone a calendar and schedule for visiting us. haha. I'm just kidding. 

I had the chance to talk about Khmer traditional ways for mothers and delivery process. There were tons of strange ways Khmer elders used to treat moms and babies like 10 years ago and even way worse 30 or 50 years ago. I got the chance to see some of these old remedies when I was young in my hometown. Moms were weak after giving birth. They were given liquid herbs, allowed to sleep on a warm bed with burned charcoal below it. These women were told not to comb her hair for a period of time, no shower and some kind of food or meat were forbidden. Strangely, elders sprinkled grinded black pepper on newly cut umbilical cords to prevent from Mae-rohk, etc. Nowadays, we can still see or hear these kinds of dangerous methods in some rural areas of Cambodia. Modern people are practicing or following safe doings like going the a public hospital or clinic for regular health check both moms and children.  

Forget to tell everyone that Nadia and Fernando name their first born Samai which is a Khmer name meant "Generation". For Khmer common or daily talks, Samai would sound like imagination, dream. It was a great time we had together, and here are some pictures from the visit. Have a good weekdays tomorrow (Cambodia Time). 

Uncle and Auntie

Cambodia Tomboy Party

Tonight I joined Cambodia Tomboy Party for their 1 year anniversary of creating their Facebook page.

Beautiful MC

To me, this is my leisure. My weekend activities. It's not about party, but it's about work. I and my short film crew (SFG) are going to shoot a short film about LGBT's rights in Cambodia. The purpose of these activities are to observe and learn about them. Of course, we are going to interview them as well. We want to make a film that really mean something for them. Of course, to do this I need to apply HCD to my work. We can't be success without knowing who/what they are or their needs. We decide to do a research and interview LGBT during our pre-production.

Here are some pictures I took this evening. It was such a fun party. One thing I recognize was that they made me felt like they are not women at all. Less femininity, transformation, fashion and style, make me forget about the origin of sex even though now they are still women.

Friendly Cafe

These party ends well with not many participants, but YES, it was fun. one sixth of the ticket fee will be given to Kontheak Bopha Hospital. They did it for something useful for our society. I would really like to learn more about them. Anyway, I still have more work to do with GBT. More desk research, design principles and guidelines need to be made. Hence, I'm learning about HCD with real life experience. I'm going to meet key people and experts about this as well.

To read about HCD spend less time and effort. To make what I read happen, really require a lot of works. So I'm doing what I love and what I need simultaneously. :D 

940 days

December 23, 2012 - July 21, 2015
2 years 6 months 28 days
940 days

Time and Decision...

My Short Film: "Love Destiny" Part 1

I love filming. It's what I like to do after work and school. It keeps me busy and enjoy my life. I feel like it's more than a fantasy world to me to involve with filming. 

Here is my 3rd short film called "Love Destiny". I'll release part 2 if my viewers make me feel like this short film is worth the time and effort to go on, or I'll go on with other film project. :D

Please check my video below and help giving me some comments. I'm sorry for my non-Cambodian viewers, there is no subtitle in this film. :D 

Sokha Hotel and Oskar Bistro (*^%^$B

Well! As promised, here are my food and drink adventure last night with my teamwork at Tonlesab Bar (20th floor of Sokha Hotel) and Oskar Bistro. 

It was a great time for me. I'm still in love with being a cameraman, of course. Anyway, I love the view from Mekong View Hotel which is on the same side of the river as Sokha Hotel. Mekong View makes me feel like I was staring at things from an aeroplane. With teamworks, the drinks was fine. As expected, we knew the rain would come, so we moved immediately to Oskar Bistro as planned. For Oskar Bistro, the food was good. Including drinks and food for 12 of us, we spent about $200. The food was gorgeously tasty. 

To be parents...soon ^_^ Nadia is my great boss.
For me, I had Lamb Meatball Venette. If you were there, I suggest you try lychee vodka mojito. I really loved it. Last but not least, here is the pictures from our party last night. See you all next post! ^_^
Best couple from India. My Indian friend at work, Bong Vishal.

Nothing to say here!

I wanted to try this as well, but my dish was enough for me.
 ...gonna try it next time.
...and here is my side of the table:

lychee vodka mojito

Lamb Meatball Venette

Six Hats

Six Hats! We always do this kind of method to evaluate our finished project. It's like giving a meaningful ending to each project. 

It's my first time to do this. To us, we can't just finish one project without a final evaluation to it. There are totally 6 hats, but we do only four of them. Well, we don't have to follow the rules all the time. The most important thing is we just need to apply what's suits us most. The four parts of Six-hats that we follows are: White hat, Yellow hat, Black hat, and Green hat. 

- White Hat:calls for information known or needed. "The facts, just the facts."
- Yellow Hat: symbolises the brightness and optimism. Under this hat, we explore the positives and probe for value and benefit. 
- Black Hat: is judgment - the devil's advocate or why something may not work. Spot the difficulties and dangers; where things might go wrong. Probably the most powerful and useful of the Hats but a problem if overused.
- Green Hat: focuses on creativity; the possibilities, alternatives, and new ideas. It's an opportunity to express new concepts and new perceptions.

The Six Hats ends with great result. We're happy about it. And tonight we are going to celebrate the great result and what we've done so far. ^_^

Party Tonight

It's not my first party with my team work, but, yes, this one is cool. I'm gonna share photos from this marvellous dinner in this blog.

The place for our party tonight will be:

- Tonlesab Bar - 20th floor of Sokha Hotel

- Oskar Bistro - located near the river side just across from Sokha hotel

See you again soon with updated pictures, readers. ^_^


People dislike rules. Many encourage others to break the rules.
Yet without rules, people go broke.
Personally, I don't care for rules. My rich dad said, “Without rules there are no assets. Without rules, only outlaws and thieves get rich.”
The leaders of Enron broke the rules, the company was wiped out.
Employees lost their jobs, investors lost their money, and lives were ruined.
In neighbourhoods without rules, property values plummet.
If a husband cheat on his wife, families are destroyed.
If you break the rules of your body by drinking, taking drugs, smoking, eating, or not exercising, your health is destroyed.
If there were no police enforcing the rules, more people would die.
Even though I don't care for rules, they're important to maintain order and value.
To making life better,

Human Design Thinker Me

Now I'm on my probation period at inCompass which works closely with iDE Cambodia. This new environment is what I could possibly dream of. Why? Because there is nowhere else that can reflex my personality. I can see myself clearly from day to day.

Everyone at inCompass are being so candid and straightforward about (almost) everything. Different from most workplace in Cambodia, this is the place that I promise to never fail in each step of work opportunity. I'll prove that I'm the best and most challenge candidate for inCompass. Now I can officially say that I want to be a great HCD person.

Pass this probation period, I can reassure that I'll be movie steadily fast toward a holy moly fucking change in my life. This is what I want.