Evening Boat Cruise

This evening I didn't have any plan at all. A friend called me to join him a ride on the boat. It’s been quite a while since I last hung out with my friends. However, tonight it was only me and my friend, Bong Phal. We talked about things and stuffs, mostly about love. :p Well, we had dinner together when the sun was about to leave the earth. We saw only the trace of its dimmed light over the top of our golden Royal Palace.
About one hour of the boat cruise, we walked along the river side leaving my bike at the parking lot. We continued our talking, bought four baby duck eggs and walked back to the parking lot. We walked under the rain. It’s what I've always wanted to do with my honey, but now it’s me and my friend, a bro.
Well, I think it’s a good day for me. I’m sitting on the fence when I have to decide whether I should spend time with one friend or more. But I think it’s more fun for both choice. My honey is coming back from Sihanoukville tomorrow, so I’m gonna have a very nice weekend. I love my life.

Popular Business in Phnom Penh

Since Facebook has been widely used in Phnom Penh, many businesses has been increased according to the customers' interests which is mostly something that they can be shown off to their friends on Facebook and other social networks. Of course, social network does a great part in these changes in businesses now a day. 

Just because most businesses activities occurred in Phnom Penh, I wouldn't raise up examples from every provinces in Cambodia. Modern Phnom Penh people, which are mostly comes from medium income family, would love to go to places that they can meet their friends, chat, taking photos, and talking about businesses. Here is a list of common places that people would love to go to. 

  1. Cafe and tea place: Brown Cafe, Artease, Gloria Jeans, Mo Mo, នស២រ, KOI, Gong Cha, Chatime, Sharetea, etc.
  2. Western Fast food: Pizza and Burger places blah blah blah :)
  3. Modern Cinema: Legend Cinema TK Avenue, Legend Cinema City mall, Major Cineplex, Platinum Cineplex. 
  4. Shopping Mall: AEON mall, Sorya mall, Lucky supermarket, City Mall, Sovanna Shopping Center, etc. 
  5. Online Shopping: this kind of business is now growing at a fast pace since people could just check something they want or need to buy online and purchase the items via phone, using their credit card or go to the shop to see the items by their own eyes. 
  6. Cosmetic Shop
  7. Phone shop
  8. etc...
So these are some places that most people in Phnom Penh would love to go or visit during their free times or for business talk. Beside these money-to-pay places, some would prefer public places like riverside, Koh Pich, or some parks, etc. Anyway, without noticing, other big businesses are growing everyday in Phnom Penh. Though Cambodia is surely not ready for ASEAN [after economic integration], we are sure to see more businesses come to Cambodia this very soon. 

Phnom Penh Water Festival 2014

Khmer Water Festival is traditionally celebrated to remind all Cambodians about her splendid land that is greatly affected by Mekong River, the source of all life forms and hope of Cambodian. After 3 long years without this tradition, this year we had it. Anyway, many reasons are the barriers for many Cambodians come to celebrate it in Phnom Penh, capital city of Cambodia. 

The nation's politic instability and flood might not be the main reason for this but the accident that happened in November 22, 2010 caused 347 deaths and 755 injured. Followed by the death of former King Norodom Sihanouk in October 15, 2012. In 2007, an estimate four millions people came to visit Phnom Penh to watch 440 boats compete in the annual water festival. Unlike this year, only about one million people came to visit Phnom Penh on Water festival and the boat were less than any other years.